Senior Engineer

Full-Time and Part-Time opportunities are available.

The One Thing

Empower businesses and people, by developing the best products and services available.


An Overview

We’re the company behind two popular WordPress form plugins, Ninja Forms and Caldera Forms, and we’re looking for an experienced engineer to join our team and help us make our products even better.

The Engineering Team is responsible for the development, technical design, and implementation of new or existing software, products, services, or ongoing business projects.

Our engineers research and create the latest and greatest our products and services have to offer. They also carry out fixes for known issues to address the needs of our users.

At Saturday Drive, we’ve adopted a way of working from the folks at Basecamp called ShapeUp. This methodology is built around six weeks of focused work called a build cycle, followed by two weeks of self-directed, but still important, work and personal development called cooldown. During a build cycle, developers work on a team with designers and customer success agents to create new features or products, or to fix bugs.

Engineers are also involved in creating plans for build cycle work, called pitches, and are expected to collaborate and communicate well with coworkers, team advisors, and product owners.


Personal & Interpersonal Must Haves

Communication and collaboration are important for any business, but it’s especially true for a small, remote team like ours. We work together across departments everyday, and these are some of the qualities that make us good at it. (Note that our communication language is English)

  • Care deeply, genuinely, and passionately about solving problems for customers.
  • Be self-driven, with a proactive nature.
  • Be able to learn software quickly.
  • Be humble enough to know when something is over your head and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Be able to work within existing systems and architectures, while working toward modernization of those systems.
  • Be skilled at explaining technical problems patiently and clearly, not condescendingly.
  • Be a great communicator with coworkers of varying disciplines to resolve issues and create new things. 
  • Enjoy collaboration with other people of different backgrounds and skills.
  • Be able to take the work seriously, but rarely yourself.
  • Be patient and able to navigate even the worst of bug reports, while striving to make it better.


Technical Must Haves

We’re looking for someone who has in-depth experience with both the fundamental languages we use regularly, PHP and JS, and popular frameworks for those languages. While we work mostly within the WordPress world at the moment, we have some web-based projects outside of that space. Knowledge of, and experience with, popular PHP frameworks like Laravel and JS frameworks like React and Vue are very important.

Currently, our need is for a senior engineer, and so we are looking for experience in high-level PHP and JS concepts like Model Factories, Abstraction, etc. This also means that we’re only accepting applications from engineers with at least four years experience. 

We don’t have a requirement for formal education; self-taught developers are more than welcome to apply. 

Here are some of the languages and frameworks that we use on a daily basis:

  • PHP
    • Laravel - Nova / Lumen / Spark / Etc.
  • JS
    • React
    • Vue
  • HTML & CSS
    • Accessibility [?]
  • WordPress Specific
    • Plugins
      • Writing
      • Maintaining
      • Troubleshooting
    • Themes
      • Extending
      • Troubleshooting


How You’re Going to Spend Your Day

A senior engineer’s day-to-day work will look a little different depending upon whether or not they’re in a build cycle. Here are some examples of what you can expect within build cycles and cooldowns.

  • During Build Cycles: work with a small team on specific projects.
    • Communicate your status with teammates.
    • Respond to questions from teammates.
    • Write code to address to-dos and push a project forward.
    • Review and test code written by other developers.
    • Give your input on project direction.
    • Laugh at memes posted by teammates!
  • During Cooldown: Improve as a developer and write interesting cod.
    • Take an online course.
    • Practice a new coding method.
    • Address a bug or problem with a product.
    • Spike a new product or feature.
  • During both Build Cycles and Cooldowns.
    • Write pitches (plans to solve a problem) to address issues and create new features.


Nice to Haves

  • Experience extending or working with Ninja Forms and/or Caldera Forms for WordPress.
  • Experience with the Backbone/Marionette JS framework.
  • Experience developing and maintaining software with a legacy component.


Location & Schedule

This is a remote position - our team is spread around the globe! Our home base is in Tennessee, USA, so company operating hours are 8am - 4pm ET (UTC -5). While full coverage is not a requirement, you must be available for occasional, infrequent (video conference) meetings either at the beginning or ending of our operating business hours.

Applications Currently Closed